AT&T shows the terrifying downsides of settling for mediocre services

'Just ok' doesn't cut it when it comes to tattoos and surgery

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Jan 02, 2019

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Not everything needs to be “the best.” Mediocre pizza is still tasty, and shelter mutts are preferable to expensive purebreds. But anyone who’s ever eaten nachos at a gas station knows sometimes “good enough” just isn’t good enough.

AT&T’s newest campaign explores the downsides of skimping on the important stuff. Want a cheap tattoo? Prepare to get inked by “one of the tattoo artists in the city.” A sushi chef and a surgeon also come moderately recommended, readily admitting their middling skills with a shrug while onlookers slowly realize the caliber of care they’re in for.


In addition to the three 30-second TV spots, online shorts feature a getaway driver who’s too focused on safety after a successful heist, a boxer with a barebones coach and cooking tutorial that’s messy at best. In a spot for the Hispanic market, a nervous suitor’s perfect proposal hits a snag when the band he hired is two men short.


The integrated campaign is running throughout the month and was created by team of Omnicom agencies: BBDO, Critical Mass, Hearts & Science and Organic, along with DAS’ Dieste.


Jan 02, 2019

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