Ryan Reynolds takes Aviation Gin to the Westminster Dog Show

Actor and entreprenuer debuts yet another out-there ad, promoting liquor brand's sponsorship of event

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Feb 07, 2020

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Predicting where Ryan Reynolds will pop up next on the advertising scene is like playing a game of Whack-a-Mole. He was all over the place, of course, when it came to promoting his “Dead Pool” films. More recently, we saw him spring up in a Samsung ad that tripled as a plug for his Netflix film and his gin brand Aviation. Then, he was a crafty barnacle on the “Peloton Wife” debacle (that turned out to be not so bad). And today, we have the Westminster Dog Show.

On Twitter, the actor debuted a humorous film showing him at the annual canine fete. He stretches and preps as a pro dog trainer would, but as he bounds onto the show floor, we see that tethered to his leash is no bulldog or Cocker Spaniel. Rather it’s a lively, bouncy bottle of Aviation Gin. 

The film was created out of Reynolds' agency Maximum Efffort and produced out of Escape Velocity. Aviation Gin is one of the sponsors of the Westminster Dog Show.