Google's 'Star Wars' Promotion Asks You to Choose Between the Light or Dark Side

Once You Choose, Your Whole Universe Will Change

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Nov 23, 2015

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Google is the latest to join in the Star Wars hype with a new promotion that recasts its various offerings -- from YouTube to Maps to Chrome -- in the spirit of the Dark Side or the Light Side, depending on where your allegiance lies.

Today, the brand debuted on Youtube "Awaken the Force Within," which shows various clips illustrating various pop culture moments around the Light Side and the Dark Side. Ultimately, it asks viewers to pick their side on the, where they'll have the option to switch their personal Google "universe" to reflect their choice.

Once they do, opening a new Chrome tag, for example, will pull a related scene from "The Force Awakens," depending on if they went for the good or the bad. On YouTube, the volume control of videos will take on the glow of a light saber, with accompanying side effects, while on Google Maps your marker will become an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. You Gmail will reflect background scenes from the film, while Star Wars-themed events will also land in your calendar.

According to Google, "once you choose a side, it may take a few hours for the Force to awaken within all your apps." And if you're finicky and want to switch sides, you'll also be able to shift over at the main site.

According to the Google blog, more features will be rolled out "between now and opening night"the Millennium Falcon in all its (virtual reality) glory included, so stay tuned. And we've hidden a few easter eggs, too. So awaken the Force within, and be on the lookout for things from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"

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