Patrick Stewart Gets His Job Back as Strongbow Spokesguy

Actor Returns for More Insults in Spots Promoting Range

Published On
Feb 23, 2016

Editor's Pick

Despite getting unceremoniously fired in last year's Strongbow campaign, Patrick Stewart is back again being insulted in a new set of spots for the Heineken-owned hard cider.

Once again, the "X-Men" actor is the subject of some witty put-downs as he does his best to promote the brand. He's apparently been re-hired to show off Strongbow's "award-winning range" -- but only because another "award-winning actor" cancelled. In another spot, we're told that the brand hired an actor with a range that's "almost" as impressive as Strongbow's.

It's Stewart's ability to look both angry and a bit desperate as he pokes fun at himself that makes this campaign, by Droga5, continue to be memorable.