Jung von Matt/Alster : The Award Shelf App

What happens to an award after awards season is over?

Published On
Aug 22, 2011

Editor's Pick

Here's a nifty little way to keep your creative awards in your pocket. Jung von Matt, Alster has created an app that lets you line up your awards on a virtual "shelf," along with details of what you won each one for.

The app is a fun little project, but also a recruitment tool for Jung von Matt -- and other agencies -- since it acts like a virtual portfolio. Of course, nobody can really police whether you really did win all those Gold Lions, so nothing's stopping you from embellishing your glories a bit.


Aug 22, 2011
Jung von Matt/Alster
Creative Director:
Martin Strutz
Art Director:
Tommy Norin
Art Director:
Andres Maldonado
Salvatore Russomanno
Technical Director:
Nils Dhrig
Web Developer:
Marcel Berger
Web Developer:
Philipp Timmalog

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