Axe drops its logo to encourage young men to 'ditch labels'

Unilever brand is the latest to step out against bullying

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Oct 08, 2018

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While Monica Lewinsky unabashedly “embraces” name-calling in her recent anti-bullying ad, Unilever’s AXE, known as Lynx in the U.K., is encouraging young men to drop the names they’ve been labeled with to raise awareness for the cause.

As part of the “Ditch Labels, Ditch Bullying” effort from 72ndSunny Amsterdam, the brand has created a limited-edition “Unlabelled” kit containing products sans logo and has tapped celebrities like TV personality Ollie Lock, rapper Not3S and actor Michael Dapaah to amplify the campaign message.  The three have been subject to malevolant “labels”--Long bas been called “fag,” Not3S has been dubbed “overrated,” while Dapaah has been called “trash.” Yet all  prove how rising above the pejorative monikers has given way to their success.

“Everyone has gone through this: being held back by a word that other people have labeled you with,” said 72andSunny Amsterdam Creative Directors Gregg Clampffer and Adam Koppel in a statement. “This can influence how you view yourself, how you grow and how you treat others. Bullying is such a heavy topic, we wanted to help LYNX/AXE offer a new way for people to think about and take action against the labels others have put on them.”

Axe partnered with global anti-bullying group Ditch the Label and gender equity organization Promundo on the campaign. Research from the partners found that harmful masculine labels are directly connected to bullying. In the U.S., for example, 50% of guys consider changing their appearance in order to not be bullied. Moreover, one in three admit to having bullied others, while three out of four have been victims of bullying. 

100% of profits of the “Unlabelled” kits will be donated to Ditch the Label to help young men learn to freely express themselves and beat the negative effects of bullying.