Babbel's global campaign celebrates 'bad' accents as a badge of honor

Speak up and show off, says spot from Forsman & Bodenfors

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Jan 17, 2020

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Accents are adorable.

In the U.S., regional accents tell people about our history and family. Native English speakers from different countries like Australia, Ireland and America find variations in dialect and slang to be quite charming—even attractive.

But foreign accents, the ones that many non-native English speakers have, tell even more about a person. For one, they’re smart. They speak more than just a single language, and not with the easy, dual fluency of lucky children raised in multilingual homes. Their language has been earned through study and careful practice. In fact, the stronger a person’s accent, the older they likely were when they began speaking this new tongue, and the tougher that road has been.

Yet people are often embarrassed about their accents. It keeps them from speaking, which keeps them from practicing and getter better. And it keeps them from sharing with the world what their accent says about them. A new global campaign from language learning app Babbel celebrates accents of all kinds and pushes people to be proud of theirs.

“Accent Yourself,” a quick-cut 60-second spot from Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg features accented English from around the world, declaring that “bad” accents are actually “badges” and “badass.” These speakers show off rolled r’s and plosive sounds and take several stabs at the notoriously difficult English word “squirrel,” with mixed results.

Previous localized work for the brand from Wieden & Kennedy London featured a polite alien who uses the app to help him settle into his new home in the U.K.


Jan 17, 2020
Forsman & Bodenfors
Art Director:
Elin Johansson
Art Director:
Maria Fridman
Elisabeth Christensson
Account Director:
Lena Olander
Account Director:
Greger Andersson
Account Executive:
Martin Johansson
Account Executive:
Margarita Testa
Jerry Wass
Agency Producer:
Anna Junker Lundin
Chris Baumann
PR Strategist:
Robert Johnsson
Digital Strategist:
Peter Gaudiano

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