Slim-Fast : Baby Weight

The Bull-Whitehouse's racy new campaign fesses up to women's real motives behind slimming down

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Apr 08, 2013

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In the zeitgeist of diet advertising, the work is pretty much confined to two general themes. Either a big name to B-list celebrity miraculously slims down and gets a new lease on life (with not an expensive trainer in sight), or a dieter looks to improve her overall being with a new dedication to health and clean living. But now, Unilever's Slim-Fast has a new take on shedding weight--telling the truth.

The new "Get What You Want" campaign out of The Bull-Whitehouse tackles the subject of dieting with racy candor, via a series of provocative print ads and online videos in which women disclose their real motives for wanting to drop pounds--from wanting to look fabulous (again) when they're doing the reverse cowgirl, to wanting to look sexy not just with their skinny jeans on, but with them off. "Slim-Fast wants to connect with the modern=day woman," said Unilever's Slim-Fast Director Wes Boas. "We want to get women laughing when they see our ads--laugh with Slim-Fast, laugh at dieting and have a laugh about themselves. We want them to say, 'OMG that is soooo me.'"

With this new effort, Slim-Fast is decidedly targeting a very specific audience--not those who need to lose weight for specific health reasons, but those who want to lose just 20 pounds or less for perhaps less "honorable" reasons, like those revealed in the ads. Online videos, directed by Gartner's Ted Melfi, start out pretty tame until you hear what the women are really saying-- one (above) reminisces about how much better she felt doing daring moves in bed as her skinnier self, while another aspires to be the hottest MILF in town.

Each of the print ads features a woman's silhouette. On the left, a word bubble with her public reason for dieting appears ("I want to get into my new pants") while a thought bubble on the right reveals her real goal ("I want to get into someone else's pants.") The agency came up with a few of the ideas featured but also has turned to real dieters for fodder (see below.)


Apr 09, 2013
Client :
Brand :
Agency :
The Bull-White House-New York
Executive Creative Director :
Andrew Whitehouse
Copywriter :
Tara Lawall
Art Director :
Brit Larson
Senior Producer :
Dena Lenard
Planning Director :
Kirsten Miller
Account Director :
Mallory Solomon
Production Company :
Editor :
Shira Ankori
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