This AI Healthcare App's Campaign Plays on Your 'Cyberchondriac' Web Searches

Babylon Encourages You to 'Ask a Real Doctor'

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Jan 12, 2017

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In the U.K., a new outdoor campaign from healthcare app Babylon plays on people's health-care related internet searches, or "Cyberchondria."

The posters, by Ogilvy & Mather London, simply feature a search page displaying hyperbolic responses to questions that are regularly asked by internet users, with examples such as "Hair Loss. Did you mean: Erectile dysfunction?" "Headache. Did you mean Brain Tumour?" and one predictive text search for "sore throat" comes up as "Sore throat your wife is cheating on you."

The tagline is "Don't ask the internet. Ask a real doctor."

The Babylon app provides AI medical advice, provided by real doctors, in reponse to users' questions. App users can also talk to a doctor or therapist via video through the app as well as order tests, prescriptions and medication for delivery. The company appointed O&M in November 2016.


Jan 12, 2017
Ogilvy & Mather-London

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