An Actor With a Rare Talent Makes His Debut for Pearl & Dean

First Campaign Through Brothers & Sisters Underlines Brand's Heritage

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Jun 17, 2015

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The U.K. cinema ad sales company Pearl & Dean has long been synonymous with the movies in the U.K., having traditionally always run an ad featuring instantly recognizable Broadway-style music before the movie starts. Now, in a charming new campaign from its new agency Brothers & Sisters, the brand is underlining its silver screen heritage once again but in a totally different way.

The ad opens with what looks like a scene from an epic war movie, before it suddenly stops in mid-action as a voice points out "that's me" and an arrow points to a soldier lying face down on the ground. We're introduced to Chad Jackson, a renowed "back of the head" actor who talks us through his "very complex performance style." The ad takes us through some of his other starring roles -- in an 80s boxing movie and a Bourne Identity-style thriller (for which you need to keep watching till the end) -- as we learn something of the craft of Back of the Head acting and how "one misplaced hair can spoil the whole scene." Directed by Ninian Doff of Pulse Films, it's all subtly hilarious and brilliantly executed.

"In order to make the three different movies believable, we had to shoot them properly, with all the craft that would go into a genuine film shoot," said Andy Fowler, ECD of Brothers and Sisters, which was appointed last month.

The ad, whose tagline is "dedicated to the unseen heroes of cinema," will break during previews of "Entourage" in the U.K. and will run in cinemas as well as online.