Samsung's 'Backup Memory' App Jogs the Memories of Alzheimer's Patients

Helps Sufferers Remember Their Families With Photos, Notifications

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May 04, 2015

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Samsung has created a smartphone app, Backup Memory, that's aimed at helping Alzheimer's patients to remember their families, and their pasts, by stimulating their memories. The app not only stores photos of family or events that might jog their memory, it uses Bluetooth to detect when friends and family also using the app are nearby, and sends notifications to the Alzheimer's sufferer.

The Android app was originally developed in Tunisia by Samsung engineers there working with agency 3SG BBDO, Tunis. It's now available in both English and French via Google Play.

The brand also previously released another compelling Google Play app, "Look at Me," created out of Cheil, which is designed to help autistic kids and adults learn how to interact with others.