Oscar Mayer's new cryptocurrency pays out in bacon

Bacoin prices are already volatile, subject to the whims of the market

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Apr 30, 2018

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Ever wanted to play the cryptocyrrency markets without risking your retirement? Oscar Mayer's here for you. Starting today, fans of salty meat can try to mine Bacoin, a new alt-coin redeemable for pacrkages of bacon. Currently valued at 15 slices of bacon, the Oscar Mayer-backed project debuted Monday with a keynote address from McGarryBowen. Bacoin "creator" Keith Sizzle is an annoyingly realistic techbro--two parts Steve Jobs, one part Elon Musk and one part Mark Zuckerberg on a hot mic saying how he really feels.

Miners looking to try their luck can visit OscarMayerBacoin.com to try win a single Bacoin. Like a real cryptocurrency, the price fluctuates. But unlike its blockchain-based brethren, Bacoin is sheltered from speculators and immune to pump-and-dump schemes. Its value is determined not by the markets, but by the number of social media and email shares Bacoin racks up among its userbase. The more shares, the higher the value, which entitles the holder to free Oscar Mayer bacon when redeemed. It's up to them whether they HODL until it crests, or give in to fear, uncertainty and doubt.

As might be expected from a company responsible for some of the most memorable ads of the 20th Century, Oscar Mayer is well-versed in publicity stunts. This is the owner of the Weinermobile (and Weinerdrone), after all. There's been the bacon-scented alarm, as well as a dating service for bacon lovers. A single Bacoin could be worth up to three pounds of salty meat, so it might make the biggest sizzle of all.