Oscar Mayer : Bacon Barter

You dreams have come true. Bacon has taken the place of cash.

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Sep 09, 2012

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How good is Oscar Mayer's Butcher Thick Cut Bacon? Is it good enough to take the place of cold, hard cash? 360i and Oscar Mayer are testing out America's love for bacon through "The Great American Bacon Barter," where Josh Sankey -- penniless except for a trailer full of bacon, will drive across the country, from N.Y. to L.A., bartering pig fat in exchange for a night on someone's couch, food, and drink. Follow Sankey's adventure on BaconBarter.com, and barter with Sankey via Facebook, Twitter or email. Things he has bartered for already include Jets tickets (six bacon bricks), a bag of ice (one bacon brick) and an invitation to a Hamptons wedding (one bacon brick.)

The stunt is a smart one, and reminds us a bit of Kyle MacDonald, the Craigslist barterer who succeeded in trading a paper clip for a myriad other things until he finally landed up with a house.


Sep 10, 2012
Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer
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