This Swedish company has a solution for the chaos in Trump's White House

Ultramare wants to make sure he doesn't make mistakes due to bad office air

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Apr 12, 2018

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If you're trying to promote a household product in an unexpected way, Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

We've seen mattress company 37.5 Technology use him in the past to try and get him to sleep better and tweet less, and now Ultramare, an air filter company from Sweden, is doing something similar.

Its campaign revolves around the idea that bad office air lowers the ability to think by 10 % -- so, Ultramare is reaching out to Trump to "sponsor" him with its air filters to make sure he doesn't make mistakes in the Oval Office. As well as tweeting Trump, it's encouraging other people to tweet with the hashtag #badairday and make suggestions as to why he needs the filters. (It's a topical time to be doing this for sure.)

The campaign has also included billboards and sandwich boards going around Washington D.C. -- and a gently witty video of the whole thing, seen here. The activity is by Swedish agency Milk.


Apr 12, 2018
Art Director:
Niklas Olovsson
Anders Malm
Fredrik Sellergren
Alexander Toma
Project Manager:
Björn Lind
Key Account Manager:
Anna Reynold

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