These Baileys-Drinking Women Are Having Fun In Four Different Cities

BBH's Global Campaign Targets Millennials on Girls' Nights Out

Published On
Nov 20, 2014

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Do men just not drink Baileys any more? Diageo's chocolate liqueur focuses purely on the ladies in its latest global campaign out of BBH London, which shows women all around the world enjoying girls' nights out. The ad goes back and forth between a trio of local women in each city -- Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Toronto and London -- as they meet up and hop in taxis, happily rushing to join their friends at a favorite bar.

This fast-paced spot, directed by thirtytwo at Pulse Films, is set to "We got the beat" by The Go Go's, an American female rock band noted for both writing their own songs and playing their own instruments. The ad was shot in all four global cities, with an all-female agency team and a largely female production staff, including director of photography Autumn Durald. The campaign, aimed at recruiting millennial women to the brand, will air in Europe and the U.S. before rolling out to other markets.