Heinz's Simple Baked Beans Beat Health Nuts' Regimes -- in a Humble Kind of Way

Campaign by BBH Underlines the Product's Health Benefits

Published On
May 15, 2017

Editor's Pick

A new campaign for Heinz Baked Beanz underlines that they're healthy for you, but not in a braggy kind of way.

The ads, created by BBH and directed by James Rouse of Outsider, feature the kind of fitness freaks we've all come across -- the lycra-clad office colleague who's into weird and wonderful juices (seen here) and the middle aged dad who's discovered running.

While they're going on about their regime, their colleague and spouse are quietly microwaving a meal of baked beans, which, the ad points out, are also high in fiber and protein and low in fat. The tagline is "Good for you, without going on about it."