Kids Sing About Bananas in Teaser for Seth Rogen's Oscars Spot for Walmart

Marc Forster, Antoine Fuqua Are Also Creating Films Based on Groceries

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Feb 22, 2017

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Walmart will premier three spots by top Hollywood directors including Seth Rogen during this Sunday's Academy Awards, as part of its first-ever sponsorship of the event.

Walmart and creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi New York challenged the directors, who also include Tool's Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball) and Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") to each make a one-minute film based on the six items of a single Walmart receipt -- bananas, paper towels, batteries, scooter, wrapping paper and video baby monitor.

It's now released a teaser, seen here, for "Banana Towns," by actor/director Rogen and his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg, which features high school kids breaking into song about bananas in a classroom, "Fame," style. Walmart also teased "The Gift," directed by Fuqua, in which a young boy uses a Walmart receipt to get creative in a garage, while Forster's effort, plus the other full films, will be aired during the Oscars.

In its first year as a multi-year sponsor of the Oscars, Walmart is also making a $250,000 donation to The Academy Grants Program for Film Craft in the name of the participating directors.

Javier Campopiano, chief creative officer at Saatchi NY, said in a statement: "A Walmart receipt is the result of a simple shopping trip, but at the same time, it is a small testament of the everyday lives of our shoppers. We know that there are many great stories behind those receipts. When a receipt literally becomes the inspiration for a film, it all comes full circle. The connection between two worlds that appear so disparate -- the world of Hollywood films and the world of everyday shopping trips -- come together in a natural and simple way. This project is truly unique and beautiful in that these directors were restricted by having to include six items in their stories, yet Walmart gave them the freedom to tell the type of story they wanted to."

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