The iPhone Transforms a Barbershop Business in Apple's Funky Spot

Ad Promotes iPhone 7's Portrait Mode

Published On
May 15, 2017

Editor's Pick

Apple's latest spot in the "Practically Magic" series shows off the iPhone 7's Potrait Mode with the story of a barbershop whose business is transformed by some photos of a few funky haircuts.

The ad takes place in a small New Orleans barbershop. It's quiet, until one employee uses his iPhone to take a portrait of a customer's new hairstyle and puts it in the window. The shot attracts new customers, and further hair transformations -- which then turn into more ad portraits for the storefront window. And, as to be expected, people end up lining up 'round the block. Produced by Furlined, the ad is choreographed in rhythm to "Fantastic Man" by Nigerian synth-funk pioneer William Onyearbor.