Barilla and Marie Kondo show how to reuse pasta boxes as shipping containers

The campaign launched in time for Global Recycling Day and includes folding lessons from Kondo herself

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Mar 18, 2024
Marie Kondo poses in front of recycled Barilla boxes used for clothing shipments

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I love shopping as much as the next person, but when it comes to sustainability, it’s time to face the facts—consumerism has a significant environmental footprint. That’s why, whenever opportunities arise to buy secondhand or save on packaging, brands and customers should take it.

It’s that kind of thinking that led Barilla to create its new campaign starring world-renowned tidying expert and bestselling author Marie Kondo. 

Launched on Monday in celebration of Global Recycling Day, “Secondhand Box,” created by agency LePub, invites customers to live more sustainably by reusing pasta boxes as packaging for secondhand sales. 

In a 90-second campaign video, crafted in the style of a tutorial, Kondo demonstrates how to fold small, medium and large clothing items to fit into Barilla’s iconic blue pasta boxes of different shapes and sizes. 

She then demonstrates how to seal the boxes and add labels.


“At Barilla, we are dedicated to advancing sustainability across our operations," said Ilaria Lodigiani, chief category marketing officer at Barilla, in a statement. "Our collaboration with Marie Kondo is a testament to our ongoing efforts to address environmental challenges as a sign of love to the planet. By repurposing pasta boxes, we align with our broader commitment to reducing packaging waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.”

The campaign launches as recent research shows the environmental impact associated with transporting goods, especially in the fashion industry. According to Statista, transportation alone contributes over 20% of global CO₂ emissions, with the fashion sector projected to produce 6 million tons of CO₂ by 2030.

Meanwhile, consumers continue to become increasingly conscious of the pollution associated with fast fashion and accessories and are opting for secondhand or more sustainable options in growing numbers. 

As a result, the campaign aims to empower everyone to make a positive impact on the environment, one pasta box at a time.

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“I've seen the transformative power of tidying in homes worldwide, and now, I'm thrilled to extend that influence to the way we package and send our items,” said Kondo of the campaign. “Folding clothes to fit into empty pasta boxes is not just a practical solution, it's a conscious choice towards a circular system. I believe it is wonderful to enjoy delicious pasta and then find ways to use the box joyfully afterwards.”

The initiative will be amplified on social networks, tapping a series of international influencers who will replicate Marie Kondo's folding techniques to ship items.

As part of its commitment to a greener future, Barilla has designed over 99% of its packaging for recycling. Additionally, over 99% of the paper and cardboard used by the company is sourced from responsibly managed forests, according to the company’s press materials.


Mar 18, 2024
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