Bark Dawgs w/ Charles Barkley

Published On
Apr 25, 2023


Some athletes sign contract extensions, some ink entertainment deals, and others sign shoe deals. But only a select few athletes sign Chip Deals. By revolutionizing athlete sponsorships through signature chip flavors inspired by these game-changers’ unique ridges, Ruffles sticks to our own. With the legendary Charles Barkley starring in our new TVC, "Battle of the Bags," he joins the previous Chip Deal Athletes, who all get to show off their unique flavor. From Flamin' Hot Cheddar and Sour Cream to Smoky BBQ Ridge Twists and Flamin' Hot BBQ, the delicious array of flavors inspired by some of the biggest names in basketball means there's a perfect choice for everyone's taste. And so, the main objective of this campaign is to extend our storytelling by bringing the love fans have for Ruffles straight to where they are—NBA All-Star Weekend. And that is also our marketing challenge: How do we bridge the gap between fans' love for Ruffles products and brand love? How will we excite fans on the ground with an activation that breaks through the typical media landscape surrounding All-Star Weekend activities and brings national attention to our storytelling?