This Interactive Poster Serves as a Warning on How Smoking Affects Your Breath

Cancer Research U.K. Invites People to Test Their Lung Capacity

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Mar 30, 2017

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Cancer Research U.K. has created a digital poster that serves as a stark warning of how smoking affects people's breath -- it allows you to read more according to how much puff you have.

The poster, created by agency AMV BBDO with digital production by Grand Visual, invites people to breathe into a hole to reveal a message on screen. The longer people blow into the poster, the more of the ad is revealed, so if you're a smoker you may only have the lung capacity to be able to read half way through.

Other posters invite people to read the message, printed in black and white like a cigarette health pack warning, all in one go to see whether they have another breath. The game is also translated into a Facebook execution, allowing people to play along on their phone, while a radio ad features an actual smoker try to perform the whole ad in one breath.

The campaign, running for three weeks, promotes the message that the charity's local Stop Smoking Services will give people the best chance of quitting for good.