Anthony Weiner as Carlos Danger Graces the Cover of the New Yorker

But He's a Very Private(s) Man!

Published On
Jul 26, 2013

Editor's Pick

The porny backing track in Liquid-Plumr's latest spot must be the soundtrack to Anthony Weiner's life, right now. The unfortunately named politician and his even more unfortunate track record with the world wide web is the butt of yet another media joke with this "New Yorker" cover. John Cuneo's illustration of current mayoral candidate Weiner straddling the empire state building like a lascivious King Kong, all the while sexting or taking a selfie a la Carlos Danger, truly captures the New York City political scene buzz. Everything about the image can be interpreted as a pun, even the symbolically phallic tip of the building he holds in his hand. Bow Chicka Wow Wow.