This Swedish VR App Could Help Relieve Your Pain

Pharmacy Chain Apotek Hjartat Claims 'Happy Place' Will Distract Patients

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Nov 02, 2016

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A Swedish pharmacy chain has created a virtual reality app that it claims can help patients with pain relief. Happy Place, created by agency Wenderfalck as a joint venture between Sweden's largest private pharmacy, Apotek Hjärtat and VR therapy startup Mimerse, aims to distract patients from their pain with a peaceful, interactive environment. The scene is a serene lakeside campground, and guided relaxation and soothing music is optional.

The app is available for free in the Oculus Store to anyone with access to a Samsung Gear VR and a smartphone. It is also available on other devices, such as Google Cardboard, and will be published on YouTube as a 360 degree film. The VR experience will be available in selected Apotek Hjärtat pharmacies in Sweden, where the app can be tested by the public (for example when getting vaccinations.)