Budding Ad Directors, The New York Times Could Help Make Your Career

The Pub's T Brand Studio Hopes to Tap Talent of Rising Stars

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Mar 06, 2015

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Aspiring ad directors, you now have another new platform through which you can shine -- The New York Times. The publication's T Brand Studio, responsible for creating branded content and native advertising, has announced "The Selects," a program through which the studio will tap the talent of five promising young directors to help create its content.

"As a director, this is an extraordinary opportunity to be recognized on a global platform as a leading voice in native advertising and advertising video," the Studio explained on its site. "This is also a chance to create high-quality work throughout the year for some of the world's largest brands." In addition to seeing their work for the studio featured in branded placements and social media, the directors will also be able to help propose ideas to execute in their own style.

The idea of creating native advertising may not sound appealing, but given the prominence of the Times as well as T Brand Studio's history of innovative projects such as the Netflix "Orange is the New Black" piece about women inmates (studio head Sebastian Tomich was named to the Creativity 50 in 2014 for such efforts) it's something for aspiring talent to consider.

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