This Year's Australia Day Ad for Lamb Celebrates Immigration and Diversity

Spot Shows Indigenous Australians Hosting a Multi-Nation BBQ

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Jan 12, 2017

Editor's Pick

This year's Australia Day ad from Meat and Livestock Australia -- part of its ongoing "You'll Never Lamb Alone" campaign -- has a distinctly political flavor.

The spot starts with some indigenous Australians BBQ-ing on a beach, before all sorts of immigrants start turning up in boats: the British, with the First Fleet, the French, Italians, Greeks, Chinese and a host of other nationalities. At one point, someone spots a boat and shouts, "It's the boat people!" to which an Asian woman ("Masterchef" star Poh Ling Yeow, in a cameo) replies, "Aren't we all boat people?"

In a move sensitive towards native Australians, it doesn't actually refer to Australia Day at all, although one person asks: "What's the occasion?" and receives the reply: "Do we need one?"

The ad is by The Monkeys and was directed by Paul Middleditch (who also directed a diversity-themed spot for MLA last September.)