Desperados Is Dancing on Air in Zero Gravity Film

In-Flight Festival Kicks Off When the Bass Drops

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Nov 22, 2016

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Heineken's tequila-flavored beer brand, Desperados, has taken music festivals to new heights by hosting a zero gravity experience 30,000 feet above Las Vegas.

After recruiting ravers from 12 different countries, Desperados took a group of 70 brave souls onto a plane kitted out with a sound system and plenty of padding, which nose-dived intermittently to induce weightlessness.

When the bass dropped, the plane dropped too, leaving the dancers suspended in zero gravity for up to 45 seconds at a time. DJ Mike Cervello created the soundtrack, which was designed to maximize the impact of the drop. A light show was also custom-made to enhance the experience.

Anna Bizon, global brand director for Desperados, was on the plane for the filming. She said that no one was sick or injured on the flight, and added, "We experiment and we move borders. The people who relate to our brand are young and bold."

The group of party-goers assembled a couple of days beforehand in Las Vegas. They were treated to DJ workshops and a giant trampoline jump as part of a non-stop party experience to get them in the mood, and to bond as a group. There was also a session with neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, who explained zero gravity's effects on sound and feelings in preparation for the flight.

Desperadoes worked with Amsterdam agency We Are Pi and Edelman to create the experience.