'Birth Certificate' Backpacks Helped Shoot Down the Texas Bathroom Bill

Austin Agency GSD&M Mocked Up Products in Protest at Anti-Transgender Legislation

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Aug 15, 2017

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Austin-based agency GSD&M has been doing its bit to kill off the Texas "bathroom bill," which would ban transgender people from using a bathroom other than the one for the gender on their birth certificate. Reuters reported yesterday that the bill was "dead," as moderate Republicans helped to block it.

The agency mocked up backpacks, lunchboxes and smartphone cases that prominently display people's birth certificates, in order to show how ridiculous life would become under the bathroom bill. It has been sharing them on Facebook, with those who click on the ad being directed to a website where they could find out more about the bill, and contact their representative to protest against it.

According to the agency, the campaign reached half a million people and had more than 2,000 engagements in a matter of days.

GSD&M's CEO Duff Stewart says in a statement: "Taxpayer dollars should be spent solving the real problems that face our state, from infrastructure to education, child protective services and more. We have an imperative to support basic human rights and legislation that limits the freedoms of our transgender community is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem. I'm not worried about the people who love. I'm worried about the people who hate. GSD&M will always stand up for equality, and protect and support the community we've called home for 46 years."


Aug 15, 2017
Agency :
Chief Executive Officer :
Duff Stewart
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Marianne Malina
Chief Creative Officer :
Jay Russell
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Nikki Baker
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