BBC : Dimensions

History in the present.

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Aug 22, 2011

Editor's Pick

Design firm/developer Berg and the BBC are overlaying historical events onto today's areas to place them within an everyday context with "Dimensions". The website, How Big Really, lets you type in a postal code to show you how big certain events really were. For example, the floods in Pakistan in 2010 take over much of the north-eastern coastal region of the United States.

The project expands on the theme of If It Was My Home, the website that allowed you to visualize the size and impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill disaster. And it's not just historical facts. Dimensions also lets you conceptualize space -- and how big the moon, planets and the universe really are. There's also a Routes section, where you can map out, for example, the Apollo 11 moonwalk, and see how short the distance was. You can also print out the route -- as it would be in your neighborhood -- and go outside and try to recreate history.

The project is still a prototype -- if successful, there are plans to embed it into the BBC's official website.