Nokia Tells You to Switch Off Your Phone (But Only at Christmas) in Its Latest Ad

Campaign by Mother Suggests That You Yourself Can 'Be the Gift'

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Dec 18, 2017

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While some smartphone makers and telecom brands are determined to show us how phones can make our holidays all the more special (yes Apple and Orange, we're looking at you), there are still others who make the point that Christmas is the one sacrosanct time when you should actually switch that handset off.

A spot by Verizon told us to do just that in 2015, and here's a new ad from Nokia that reminds that, despite all the joys of smartphones, there are still times when they're not required. It's the tale of a grandmother and her beloved grandson who's moved away to college. There, he keeps in touch using his phone, sending her selfies and messages that keep her smiling even though she misses him. Sometimes, the phones even go off at inappropriate moments, such as in her yoga class or when he's in the library--but the spot seems to be saying that that's excusable, because of all the joy it's bringing.

However, when he's heading home for Christmas, he doesn't message her, and she's left staring at her phone wondering what's going on: until he arrives at the door, at which point both phones are switched off and left while they reconnect in real life. The spot ends with the message: "Switch off this Christmas. Give the gift of you."

Pekka Rantala, CMO of Nokia parent company HMD Global, comments in a statement: "As well as demonstrating how powerful our phones can be at keeping us united with our loved ones, we're bravely declaring that nothing, not even our own products, can beat actually being together."

Created by Mother, the ad was directed by Justin Chadwick through Tomboy Films.