'Bully' Director Gets Behind the Lens for Ad Council PSA

DDB NY Works on Second Iteration of 'Don't Be a Bystander'

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Oct 16, 2013

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Last year, Lee Hirsch showed us what it feels like when you are harassed by bullies, every single day, via "The Bully Project," a film that made waves with its no-nonsense look at the plight of bullied kids and adults, over the course of a school year. Now, he's back, and along with DDB New York and the Ad Council, has created the second iteration of "Be More Than a Bystander," a PSA that encourages kids to speak up when they see bullying happen. The pro-bono campaign also features celebs like Kyra Phillips, Brian Kenny and Sean Casey, who are speaking up against bullying.

The spots drive kids and parents to a site from The Bully Project, which provides tools and resources for them to figure what to do when a kid is being harassed.