Bompas & Parr Design Musical Spoons to Go With Your Heinz Beans

Each flavor gets its own unique sound

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Mar 28, 2013

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Fancy some music with your Heinz? Food designers Sam Bompas and Harry Parr team up with the baked beans brand to create a musical spoon that goes with each flavor of baked beans. Each spoon has a tiny, MP3 player inside it, which you can't really hear until you put it in your mouth and bite down, leading the sound vibrations to travel via your jawbone to your ear. Each baked beans flavor gets a different type of music -- cheddar cheese gets an Elgar-inspired sound, which garlic and herb has a track made by rustling garlic skins together. Fiery chilli gets Latin Samba, barbeque uses blues museic, while curry gets a percussion bhangra sound.

The bowls that come with each Heinz flavor also match the taste -- got example, the garlic and herb flavor gets a bowl in the shape of a garlic bulb, while cheddar cheese is based on a cheese round. The "Experiences" are available for 57 pounds via London retailer Fortnum & Mason.