Samsung's Latest VR Experience Helps Kid Cyclists Practice Road Safety

'Beat the Street' Is Playful but Instructive

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Oct 07, 2016

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Samsung has developed a VR game/ experience for the thousands of children in the Netherlands who cycle to school, to help them learn about road safety in a playful but instructive way.

In Beat the Street, which was developed by Cheil Worldwide in the Netherlands in collaboration with Veilig Verkeer Nederland (the Dutch Traffic Safety Association), young people experience a range of dangerous traffic situations that could happen in life. They have to make choices and take action -- for example, look carefully, cross the street or wait until it is safe. The motion sensors in the Gear VR give the children live feedback so that they are confronted, in a playful way involving cartoon-ish collisions, with the consequences of their actions.

Kids will be able to download the app free from the Oculus Store; it runs on the Samsung Gear VR or other VR solutions.