Selfridges : The Beauty Project: Change is a Beautiful Thing

Shoppers Can Also Star In Store Window Ads Via Google+ Photobooth

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May 06, 2014

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Following in footsteps of the much-awarded Dove, plenty of other brands are now keen to "redefine beauty" and jump into the debate over the real meaning of "beautiful." Upscale British retailer Selfridges has launched its own effort, a six-week programme of interactive discussions, workshops and treatments called The Beauty Project, which is being launched by a print campaign using non-professional models. The shots used in the print ads, by German photographer Norbert Schoerner, used digital post-production for colour correction and general grading but did not remove wrinkles, retouch the skin texture or re-shape the physiognomy of the models.

The Beauty Project events, which take place at the retailer's London, Birmingham and Manchester stores, will be hosted by a video blogger and streamed through Google+ Hangouts. Visitors to the Oxford Street, London store can also visit a Google+ photobooth where they can have their picture taken and then featured as part of the campaign in the store windows. They can share their pictures across social media using the hashtag #beautyproject.