Heineken : Beer For Friends

It's payback time.

Published On
Aug 05, 2011

Editor's Pick

Miami Ad School students Otilia Dobrea and Glen Hansen have devised a way for friends to live up to the "I owe you a beer promise," with this concept app, Beer for Friends, for Heineken. The app leverages Foursquare to notify beer promisers when their friends enter a bar so they can reward their buddies on site. Built into the app is a payment system and notification capability so bartenders are alerted when a purchase has been made.

Although the idea seems to have some hitches--say the bar is noisy, busy and packed and the last thing a bartender will have time to do is check her phone? Co-creator Dobrea says bartendeers too must have the apps on their phones for the system to work. But with missed notifications "the beer would be 'pending,'" she says. "So the 'nice guy' will have an opportunity to get it when the notification is seen."