How one remarkable experience connected 175 strangers and created over 400,000 brand impressions

UviaUs and AMP Agency created an engaging in-flight experience that created ripples on social media

Published On
Feb 04, 2021


Southwest knows a secret: the center seat on an airplane is the most social seat. Keeping secrets can be fun, but they decided this was one they wanted to share. They teamed up with their onboard partner Ritz Crackers and enlisted AMP Agency to create an experience that would show the world how fun the center seat is.

AMP decided that on one special flight passengers in the center seat would receive an activity kit designed to help them get to know and have fun with their seatmates. In addition to turning strangers into friends, the experience would be filmed and shared on social media as part of Southwest’s Behind Every Seat is a Story campaign. AMP had a great idea but needed help making it a reality, so they came to UviaUs. We heard their ideas and presented AMP and Southwest with three tiers of creative concepts demonstrating the customer experiences we could help them create for one, two, or three flights at their price point. They chose to go with the highest tier to deliver the most remarkable experience possible for a single lucky flight.

Our creative team custom engineered a multi-sensory video-enabled activity kit that was made for sharing, with room for custom playing cards, a Mad Lib style game, and, of course, three packs of Ritz Crackers – the most social cracker. We collaborated with AMP to create fun and engaging messaging, artwork, and animated video instructions that worked cohesively with the kit for a fully immersive and memorable experience for passengers.

On November 11, the kits were handed out to center seat passengers on the 5pm flight from Chicago to Atlanta. Not only did passengers love it, but the video filmed during the flight generated over 400,000 impressions, 70,000 views, and 3,000 reactions.

The campaign also won the Chief Marketer Pro Award for Best Use of Disruptive Marketing, helping Southwest and Ritz build brand affinity and form emotional connections with their customers both offline and online. All from a single flight.