Beldent : Random Music Fest

A concert on shuffle.

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Dec 19, 2012

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At a time when shuffled playlists are more and more common, why should live musical concerts follow the consecutive song-by-song formats that are more befitting the tape and CD eras? Beldent (Trident), along with agency +Castro put on a concert of epic proportions that was entirely random. Known as the Beldent Random Music Fest, the Buenos Aires concert featured four separate stages, with a lighthouse/tower in the middle. Bands were invited to come and play at the concert -- and nobody in the audience knew which songs would come on when, and which band would play when.

When the lighthouse flashed the spotlight onto a stage, that band would come on and play a couple of tracks, and then another stage and band would be chosen. Participants ran from stage to stage, which meant no more getting stuck at the back of a mosh pit -- instead, every one had a fair, democratic shot at getting the best view.

Using a special app, the audience could vote for their favorite performance, and the band with the most votes came back on for an encore. The entire event was also live-streamed, and was part of Mondelez/Kraft's "Project Fly" innovation garage.


Dec 19, 2012

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