Best of 2014 #1 Print/Outdoor/Design: Aussie Bank ANZ Creates 'GAYTMs'

Whybin/TBWA Celebrates Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with Rainbow Receipts

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Feb 24, 2014
Best of 2014 #1 Print/Outdoor/Design: Gaytm

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Today we conclude our countdown of the best work of the year in TV/Film, Print/Outdoor/Design and Interactive (IX)/Integrated/Social. See all the Best of 2014 so far here.

At #1 in Print/Outdoor/Design, Whybin/TBWA and Australia's ANZ Bank transformed the ATM experience into an upliftiing statement to celebrate the bank's partnership with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The effort turned banking machines into fabulous experiences, with screens reading "Cash out and proud" and receipts adorned with rainbow colors. The campaign went on to earn the outdoor Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year.

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Move over boring ATMs. ANZ Bank in Australia is a proud partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and thinks your money-withdrawing experience should be as fabulous as possible. Working with TBWA/Whybin Melbourne, the bank turned ATMs into "Gaytms," bedazzled, colorful and festive.

The screens themselves have also been transformed: They say things like "Cash out and proud," and "Hello gorgeous," when you use them. They even dispense rainbow-colored receipts.

The bank will also donate the ATM operator fees for cardholders from other banks to nonprofit org Twenty10, which supports young people and provides a community resource to those coming out or discovering their sexual identities.

The campaign took home the outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes this year. Read the story for details

For more of the goings on at Cannes, tune into Creativity's "The Best of Cannes."


Feb 24, 2014
Brand :
ANZ Bank (Australia)
Client :
ANZ Bank (Australia)
Agency :
Executive Creative Director :
Paul Reardon
Digital Creative Director :
Damian Royce
Creative :
Tara Ford
Creative :
Daniel Pizzato
Creative :
Andy Lish
Senior Digital Designer :
Frieda Handoko
Production Company :
Will O'Rourke
Executive Producer :
Margot Ger
Production Assistant :
Lauren Pell
Digital Producer :
Mish Fabok
Project and Artistic Director :
James Dive (The Glue Society)
Project and Artistic Director :
Pete Baker (The Glue Society)
Executive Producer :
Michael Ritchie
Head of Projects :
Josh Mullens
Project Manager :
Mel Reardon
PR Agency :
Eleven PR
PR Director :
Rob Lowe

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