Almost all butts are equal in Truth's egalitarian ode to asses

Big, flat, hairy or skinny, all backsides are good, unless they're smoking

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Apr 20, 2018

Editor's Pick

Ever since Sir Mix-a-Lot thrust posterior favoritism into the public consciousness, it's been acceptable to declare one type of butt better than another. No longer.

In a new spot from the anti-smoking group Truth, an anthropomorphic derriere laments its small stature. But a set of bigger buttocks sets the record straight with a musical number that makes It clear that every tushy is top-notch.

All except for one, that is. While Mother Nature loves all her creations, she can't stand cigarette butts, the most commonly littered object on the planet. The Earth Day-inspired PSA is from 72andSunny and is directed by James Curran. The cheeky spot continues a long line of ads meant to shock or surprise teens enough to get them to think about the consequences of smoking.