Fans of 'Breaking Bad,' It's Time to Play 'Betting Bad'

It's Fantasy Football Meets Television Meets NCAA Brackets

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Aug 01, 2013

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AMC will debut the final season of hit show "Breaking Bad" August 11, but if you're a really good fan, maybe it's time to satiate your appetite for science teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White and his crew with "Betting Bad." The fan-created site lets you bet on what happens throughout the final season and also compare predictions to other people. It offers 70 different hypothetical outcomes in various categories: Final Fates, Murder, Justice, See & Hear, Loose Ends. Some bets are easier than others. For example you'll be able to wager on whether or not Walt Jr. will eat breakfast or Jess will say, "Bitch!" (Easy!) Or (more difficult) you can guess how/if Walt will die. Will his brother-in-law Hank murder him? Will his cancer return? Each correct bet wins points, and you only get 30 bets to make.

Make your bets, connect with Facebook and share. You're allowed to edit bets up until a the website turns into a giant leaderboard. The prize is... well you'll have to watch the video above to find out.


Aug 01, 2013
Betting Bad
Betting Bad

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