A Celebrity Crush, Puppy and Event Tickets Make a Woman's Perfect Morning

'Big Start' Campaign Spreads More Joy With Help From Iris

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Aug 10, 2015

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In the latest episode of Nescafe Original's "Big Start" campaign out of Iris (in which people happy prank their friends), a woman named Talia gets a perfect morning -- complete with her celebrity crush Francis Boulle, a balloon and a cute puppy.

Talia is on her way to work when her friend and a hidden camera crew plant different suprises in her path. "She is just the kindest, loveliest, most gullible girl I know," says her friend Rachael, who watches from behind the scenes. "I'd love to see you put a big grin on her face."

Other Big Start pranks include one with a mother of seven and bakery worker, Catherine, and another called "Unlucky Dave." The spots went viral, gathering 11 million total views on YouTube and Facebook.