This Honest Co. Ad About Childbirth Might Just Make You Tear Up

'There Are Moments That Forever Change You,' New Campaign Points Out

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Feb 22, 2017

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"The Big One," a new ad from The Honest Company filmed in black-and-white, starts simply enough: We see a woman against a dark background and hear her voice: "My daughter was born March 15th at 5:10 a.m." Cut to more stark shots of other parents who, in quick succession, tick off the exact date and time their children were born. A subtly orchestral soundtrack by begins to swell and the sound of a heartbeat grows louder and louder as we glimpse brief scenes of women preparing for, and entering, childbirth.

And then the screen goes white and these words appear: "There are moments that forever change you."

Cue the sound of babies crying and shots of triumphant, tearful moms cradling their newborns. Finally, a tagline appears onscreen to close out the one-minute spot: "For this moment. For every moment. Honest."

Tucker Walsh of M ss ng P eces directed the ad, which consists of carefully curated user-generated content.

Honestly, it's a beautifully executed ad, and it might just make you forget a contentious, well, moment from last November. As Ad Age's Jack Neff reported at the time, "The Honest Co. has discontinued some ad claims for its diapers and baby wipes -- including the implication that rival brands are unsafe -- amid a challenge from rival Kimberly-Clark Corp., maker of Huggies, before the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus."

A 30-second version of "The Big One" debuted during ABC's "The Bachelor" Monday night.