The Fairtrade Foundation : The Big Swap

The Fairtrade Foundation urges you to make The Big Swap

Published On
Feb 22, 2010

Editor's Pick

This TV spot is one component in Wieden London's Big Swap campaign to mark the Fairtrade Foundation's annual Fairtrade Fortnight (February 22 – March 7).

The Big Swap encourages people to trade their usual products for fair trade products. The site features a 'swap-o-meter' infographic showing all the swaps made, as well as information on what to swap and why.

The campaign also includes radio spots on Spotify, a window installation at W+K London HQ where people can have their photo taken for a chance to have their head cast in fair trade chocolate, and in-store promotional materials like coasters in Starbucks, and stickers that will appear on banana bags in supermarkets around the country.

In partnership with Channel 4, the campaign will also feature the world's first ever fair trade ad break at 8.15pm on February 25 wherein all spots will be for fair trade products.