The Creepy Man in These Disturbing PSAs Is Gambling Addiction Personified

Tom Tagholm Directs Spots for Gamble Aware

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Feb 06, 2017

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Tom Tagholm of Park Pictures ("Meet the Superhumans") has directed a new campaign for U.K. anti-gambling charity Gamble Aware, in which the urge to gamble is personified by a man standing over the shoulders of those who are in the throes of addiction.

Whether it's a young girl playing online gambling in her bedroom, as seen here, or a young man tempted by a fruit machine, both are unable to get away from the voice that tells reminds them of the thrill they get from playing, and that they could be a "winner" again. (The actor cast in this role strikes just the right note of malevolence to make it creepily believable).

The campaign is by 18 Feet and Rising, and Tagholm directed it pro bono. It's running in cinemas ahead of screenings of "T2: Trainspotting" as well as online. The target audience is young men and women aged between 15-24, after recent Gambling Commission figures identified them as the most at risk age group for problem gambling. It aims to create a new, more self-aware generation, helping to prevent future problems before they arise.


Feb 06, 2017
Gamble Aware
Gamble Aware
18 Feet & Rising
Tom Tagholm
Production Company:
Park Pictures

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