W&K's Halloween VR Game Is Set in a Dystopian Amsterdam

Installation's Gaming Interface Is a Pedal Bike

Published On
Oct 28, 2016


Visitors to Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam this week can fight zombie banshees in a dystopian vision of Amsterdam in a VR installation it dreamed up specially for Halloween.

In "Bitmap Banshees," a gang of biker banshees have taken over the city and are out to get you. Because it's Amsterdam, players need to cycle around the virtual city in order to collect "carrottys" -- supernatural carrots they can throw at the banshees to disable them.

The installation, which is housed in W&K Amsterdam's public gallery space, includes a custom "Mad-Max-style" bike which acts as the gaming interface. Created from half an exercise bicycle, half an old Amsterdam bicycle and a bunch of wires and sensors, the physical bike allows users to pedal inside the VR world wearing a modified VR headset. For those unable to visit Amsterdam, the game will be available online in the coming months.

Created in Unreal and experienced through Oculus Rift, Bitmap Banshees was created and directed by Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine, creative directors of the agency's "Department of New Realities," a new creative unit within W+K Amsterdam that focuses on gaming, VR and experiential installations.


Oct 28, 2016
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Amsterdam
Brand :
Wieden & Kennedy-Amsterdam
Client :
Wieden & Kennedy-Amsterdam
Creative Director :
Anita Fontaine
Creative Director :
Geoffrey Lillemon
Creative Technologist :
David Neevel
Producer :
Annatrus Bakker
Art Buyer :
Maud Klarenbeek
Composition :
Chris Taylor
Sound Design :
Chris Taylor
Designer :
Emma Mallinen
Designer :
Malia Killings
Web Design :
Pelle Kimvall
Business Affairs :
Kacey Kelley
Executive Creative Director :
Mark Bernath
Executive Creative Director :
Eric Quennoy
Managing Director :
Blake Harrop
Director, Interactive Production :
Kelsie Van Deman
PR Director :
Claire Beesley
Studio Manager :
Lizzie Murray
Producer Assistant :
Johnny Sens
Producer Assistant :
Raymond Ruig
Developer :
Marc Winklhofer
3D Generalist :
Realexis Christofides
3D Generalist :
David Bakker
Bike Stylist :
Kik Scheele
Singer :
Jenufa Gleich

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