'My Dad Invented Blazing': Kiwi Kids in Drug Driving PSA

New Zealand Transport Agency Uses Colloquialisms in Clemenger BBDO Spot

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Sep 17, 2013

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Alcohol and drug use is a significant problem among Maori adults in New Zealand, with 32% of Maori males reporting cannabis use, according to the Ministry of Health. The New Zealand Transport Agency tackles the issue of drugs and driving, with a wonderfully scripted spot out of Clemenger BBDO, which features a trio of Maori kids shooting the breeze as they wait for their dads to come outside and drive them somewhere.

That scenario takes a different turn when you get past the kids' adorable accents and start listening to what they're really saying. Dad has been blazing, and what starts off as funny mimicry turns into something more disturbing, as they start showing, in a way only kids can, how he acts when he is under the influence. Taika Waititi directs.