Blind Women Describe Their Ideas of Beauty in Dove's Latest Moving Film

Swedish Ad Poses More Questions About Self-Esteem and Appearance

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Apr 23, 2015

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Dove continues its quest to redefine beauty and boost women's self-esteem with this film from Sweden, in which three blind women are interviewed about their views on beauty.

"How do you know that you are beautiful if you can´t see your own reflection in the mirror?" the film asks. The women respond with some eye-opening comments. Anna, for example, says she feels beautiful "on the days when I feel like life is fun," and that "beauty is more of a feeling to me."

The women also speak movingly about having automatically checked themselves in the mirror even after they became blind. The campaign was created by Edelman Deportivo.

Research conducted on behalf of Dove showed that a quarter of Swedish women rarely or never think that they are beautiful, while nine out of ten believe that their own view of themselves is important for them to feel beautiful.