Would You Trade in Your Car for an (Unknown) Porsche Model?

Achtung Dares You to Take the Risk

Published On
Mar 04, 2014

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How do you pick a car -- if you're the kind of person who buys a new Porsche? Chances are, that you sign up to buy cars before actually knowing what they're like, basing your decisions on photos and reviews online. Achtung! uses this insight for "Blind Trade," a campaign which asks people to trade in their car keys in return for a new Porsche. Except they don't actually know what model it is.

Starting this week, car owners can trade their current vehicle via this site. Every couple of days, a new feature of the secret model is revealed online. The sooner you place your bet, the greater your chances are of winning the car -- a classic gaming strategy that rewards high risk-taking.