Blue Planet

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Jan 09, 2024


Rewild is a brand that reflects much of the Migrante Agency values: social impact, purpose, and protecting our environment. “Blue Planet” was born from a call-to-action to make a piece of content that can emotionally invest people in caring for our world. Lyrical in nature, this voiceover was crafted to make our everyday feel cosmically magical, because it is, while at the end inspiring action. Limited by costs, we relied on stock footage and even footage donated to us from DPs within our network to create a spot pro-bono that relayed Rewild’s message of environmental conservation. “Blue Planet” tells a story that inspires hope because hope inspires action and that is what drives us to make content.

Bird's eye view of rural houses on either side of river valley  cheetah in mid sprint  underwater shot of a jellyfish surrounded by its many tentacles  leaves sprouting out of soil  swirling nebula in space


Jan 09, 2024
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Migrante Content
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