BMW Takes Us on a Nostalgic Journey Through its Design History

U.K. Campaign Celebrates 40 Years of the 3 Series

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May 15, 2015

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Anyone who remembers what a BMW looked like in 1975 will be whisked nostalgically back into the past by this U.K. print and outdoor campaign from the brand, celebrating the 40th anniversary of its 3 Series. U.K. agency FCB Inferno created posters featuring six models from 1975 to 2015, with the art direction of each -- including typography, color palette and angle of the car -- reflecting its era. There's added copy to put it in cultural context -- for example, "1975 - A new movie inspires nightmares about the open water. A new car inspires dreams about the open road." The ad for 2015 reads, "Various politicians promise to reduce emissions, The new BMW 3 Series actually does."

The agency also created an online film to run across social channels and You Tube that sees all six generations of 3 Series cars gliding down a race track, overtaking the last generation one after the other.