The Lane Bryant Ad Networks Rejected for Raciness

Spot Showed Plus-Sized Women Totally Comfortable With Their Bodies

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Mar 11, 2016

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Earlier this week, TV ads for a new campaign from plus-size retailer Lane Bryant were reportedly rejected for raciness by networks including ABC and NBC. ABC has not publicly commented, while NBC told the New York Daily News it had asked for minor edits.

Unveiled last month, the campaign "This Body" from agency-of-record Laird & Partners pushes inclusivity by featuring plus-size models such as Ashley Graham and Precious Lee. It also included the 700-unit chain's first Sports Illustrated ad.

Lane Bryant CMO Bryan Beitler told Ad Age, the brand plans to stand by the ad. "We created this commercial with an intent to air and felt there was nothing objectionable in it," he said. "Our plan is to keep the edit 'as is,' we believe it's a beautiful and appropriate expression of women's bodies. We do plan to air this through our own media channels as well as through digital channels."

"'This Body' plays the role of getting to the type of dialogue we want to have as a brand. Our bodies don't constrain what we can do and anybody can have an impact on their world," he said. "The partnership with Sports Illustrated shows that "This Body" belongs in an iconic, image-focused magazine just like any others. Our hope here is that this is a platform for women to articulate how and what they use their bodies for. It's to allow women to express themselves without boundaries."

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